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Donna D. Risos, L.E. ,CPE
Certified Professional Electrologist Lic# 25ML00004800
448 Lakehurst Rd, Toms River, NJ 08755
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"Permanent Hair Removal
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Patient Stories


First I want to say how wonderful Donna is, Her office is very private, allowing only one client at a time into her office so you aren't waiting with a bunch of people.
She is very informative and lets you know how and why she is doing what she does and makes you feel so comfortable with her.

Her office and instruments are extremely clean. She is very thorough and makes sure she leaves no hair behind!
She manages the pain level by making sure you are always comfortable and walking you through what she is doing.

Donna is fantastic! I would not go anywhere else because I want it done right!

-- Female, Age 38

I'd been struggling with embarrassing facial hair for as long as I can remember. As a young woman, it was a humiliating experience and had deeply affected my self-esteem. Every day I would be plucking/waxing/shaving, worrying if anyone had noticed the hair. I assumed there was no permanent solution and it was something I had to live with. Fed up, I began researching and found Donna at Jersey Shore Electrolysis. I was skeptical going into the consultation but figured what could I lose? Donna was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She thoroughly explained the entire process and addressed all my questions and concerns. I was so excited, I wanted to start right then and there. Fast forward one year later and the facial hair I'd been struggling with my whole life is gone! I would trust Donna with anything. My only regret was why hadn't I done this sooner

-- Female, Age 26

As a teenager in high school, self-image is very important. Before I began electrolysis, I was very self-conscious about my facial hair and had to endure painful waxing on a regular basis in order to remove it. On my first visit to Jersey Shore Electrolysis I was quite nervous, but after Donna thoroughly explained the process I was excited to begin. I have been having electrolysis treatments for two years now on the upper lip, eyebrows, and cheeks and Donnas' comforting environment has been nothing but enjoyable. Her personality and attention to detail have allowed me to regain my confidence and never forget the worrying of waxing.

-- Female, Age 16

As a transgendered woman, one of the most important decisions I had to make during my transition process was who to go to for removal of my facial hair. Not only did the hair removal specialist I select need to be extremely professional and gifted so as to clear my face with the upmost care and without residual skin damage, but she also needed to be understanding and accepting of my situation and treat me with respect as a patient and as a human being. I did an enormous amount of research into all of the various methodologies for hair removal and checked references and recommendations before making the call to Jersey Shore Electrolysis. From the first moment I met Donna Risos, I knew that I not k=only was in the most capable f hands, but I was also in presence of a very special person who has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. From our first meeting, where Donna went through the entire hair growth/hair removal process and took the time to make me feel comfortable and answer any and all questions I had, right through the current ay where the results of her treatments are evident in beautifully clear skin, small pores and no hair, my experience with Donna has been superb. There is no better feeling than to be able to wake up each morning confident in my appearance and Donna Risos is the reason I am able to do so.

Besides a technically gifted hair removal specialist, Donna is also a very special person. Going through gender transition is not an easy process and there were many occasions where I would have an appointment with Donna, but frankly be feeling a great deal of uncertainty about my ability to successfully navigate my way through the gender transition process and just a general lack of confidence in my ability to become the person I've always wanted to be. Without fail, I would walk into Donnas' office and hear the soothing music, sit down in her beautifully appointed waiting room and soak in the feeling of behind in a very peaceful and calming environment. When Donna would greet me for my appointment, she never failed to ask how I was and would always be willing to listen. Donna would be that support I so needed at some very critical times of my life and without her help, guidance, and willingness to listen and understand, I'm not sure where I would be today. To say Donna is a dear friend as well as an incredibly gifted professional does not go nearly far enough in expressing exactly how I feel. I would unconditionally recommend Donna for anyone who is interested in permanently dealing with unwanted hair and can especially recommend Donna to other transgendered women who are searching for a hair removal specialist who cares and will provide them with the best possible results. Thank you so much Donna Risos.

-- Transgender Female, Age 52

As someone who was on the fence about electrolysis, I finally decided to take the plunge and sit down with Donna for a free consultation. From the moment we met, Donna thoroughly educated me about the whole process, making me more and more comfortable about the whole idea. And everything from the aromatherapy to her collection of music makes for a very pleasant and calming experience as she is working on you. I would highly recommend Jersey Shore Electrolysis to anyone seriously considering permanent hair removal.

-- Female, Age 29

Calling Jersey Shore Electrolysis was one of the best decisions I have made to date. I dealt with excessive facial hair growth since puberty, where bleaching and tweezing were part of my daily routine. Donna Risos made me feel informed and comfortable right away. Her office is always clean and inviting and she takes measures to incorporate relaxing elements into every session. I had excellent results after only one visit and because of that positive experience I decided to continue with the recommended program. My confidence immediately increased. My family members even noted a boost in my spirit. I highly encourage anyone concerned about their unwanted hair to meet with Donna for a consultation.

-- Female, Age 34

I have been going for electrolysis for over thirty years and before Donna it was a battle I was never going to win. Donna is the only electrologist who ever delivered the results she promised. Everything about Donnas' practice is head and shoulders above the rest, from the soothing energy in her office to the cleanliness that can only be compared to an operating room. Donna has made me a believer.

-- Female, Age 57

I have been plagued by facial hair since I was a teenager Ð and it cost me a lot in both time and money to keep it under control. That all changed when I became a patient of Donnas' at last the results promised came to fruition. How great is that!! Donnas' technique is different from any that I had during many years of hair removal and it really works. Finally time and money well spent. I highly recommend it.

-- Female, Age 81

Hi Donna,

I have been to other electrologists many times and have never achieved the results I wanted till I came to you. It was hard to believe you were going to do what the others couldn't but you absolutely did!! I only wish I had come to you first. I would have saved a lot of time and money. Thank you for giving me the results I thought were impossible to obtain.

I will be forever grateful,

-- Female, Age 67

Donna has been treating me for 3+ years and I am so grateful for everything that she has done. Donna always conducts herself in a professional manner; she is punctual, a very knowledgeable practitioner, and shows a great deal of compassion for her patients. Donna is a warm caring individual who always listens to my concerns and makes sure I feel comfortable with my treatment. I am so thankful I found Donna and don't know what I would do without her help. She gave me a beautiful brow and a clear chin. I would highly recommend Donnas' expertise and facility to anyone looking to receive electrolysis.

-- Female, Age 29

Dear Donna:

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had coming to you for my treatment. You recommended the "blend" and that is what we decided to use. I thought about this for many years and only wish I had done it sooner. It was easy and with very little discomfort. It is such a pleasure to not have to worry about unwanted hair. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you again for being the caring and professional person you are and for making my life easier.

-- Female, Age 67

Donna Risos and Jersey Shore Electrolysis has changed my life. For years I had used creams, painful gadgets and plucked away my facial hair leaving my skin looking like I was suffering from some sort of malady. Then after having my first child, my facial hair increased dramatically. Everything I had done before to reduce and remove the unwanted hair was not working. It was growing back faster and there was more hair after each time I plucked. I was at a dead end and my self-esteem was suffering. After doing some research I found Donna and JSE. I came to the initial consultation and right then and there I made a commitment to the process and have never looked back. My only regret is that I didn't come sooner. Today I am happy with my skin and have the self-confidence I've always wanted.

I met Donna less than a year ago. I was frustrated from years of no results, but still hopeful this time would be different and it was. I will always remember my first appointment. Donna was so knowledgeable, patient, kind; you could see her passion for her work. Most of all, I will never forget those 4 words she said to me, "I can help you." I did exactly what she told me too; keep my weekly visits, and today I am cleared. I can't tell you how wonderful that feels and how she changed my life for the better. Her office is clean, soothing, and relaxing. She is an expert in her field and uses only the top of the line tools. You will never feel rushed by Donna. Too bad there wasn't a way of weeding out the bad from the good. It took me years to find Donna but I am thankful I didn't give up. Her fees may seem a little higher than most but don't let this stand in your way from making an appointment. You wont regret it! Results are what you want and that is what you will get. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for and with Donna this is certainly true. She is an expert in her field. If I think back on all the fees I paid to countless electrologists who didn't get results or know what they were doing, it would far exceed what I paid Donna. It took Donne one year to do what countless electrologists could not do in 10 years. Finding the right electrologist is the key and I did.

Thank you Donna!

I met Donna in April of 2012, that day changed my life forever. I had hair growing on my chin, which of course, I did not openly talk about. Now would I even let my husband caress my chin. It was off limits. It had for years changed the way I felt as a woman. I had been to many electrologists before, none like Donna. I knew from the first time I met her, it would be different Ð it was. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and very skilled at what she does. Today I feel wonderful, I have my life back. No more hiding, covering up my chin. It's cleared! Thank you Donna! Finding the right electrologist is the key and I did. Jersey Shore Electrolysis is simply the best!

I never really had much of a problem with unwanted facial hair until I began menopause. However, once into menopause I started to notice the hair under my chin was growing very long and some of it was coming in very dark and course to the point where it was bruising my skin. My mustache was also getting progressively darker and thicker.

One bright sunny day while driving with my mother, she looked at me and said "You need to go for electrolysis." Apparently, the way the sun was streaming into the car showed a multitude of sins on my face. When your own mother tells you something like that, you need to take it seriously. At that point I realized it had to be pretty bad and took my mother's advice

I called Jersey Shore Electrolysis and Donna Risos called me back to schedule an appointment for a consultation. I'll confess, I was a bit apprehensive at first but was immediately put at ease in the comfortable surroundings of the waiting room. I found Donna to be extremely informative, pleasant, and professional. She explained in depth the growth cycle of hair and what technique she would use for permanent removal over a period of time.

It's now been 8 months and I can say without hesitation that Donnas' process is working beautifully. I no longer need to feel self conscious about long dark hair on my face because there isn't any. My skin has healed and looks healthy again. She has methodically and systematically, permanently removed the unwanted growth and I have made a wonderful new friend in the process. Thank you so much Donna. You are terrific!

-- Female, Age 56

From my teenage years to almost a decade after I retired, my battle with the tweezers and the magnifying mirror persisted. I can't estimate how many hours I spent hiding the secret of what was going on early in the morning locked in the bathroom when my family was asleep. And, of course, the shame I felt.

In my early fifty's I suffered a stroke and for about two months had no communication with the outside world and the only person I saw outside of hospital staff was my husband. I was fortunate and recovered. During that time I realized how much facial hair had accumulated do to my tweezing. I did need a pacemaker inserted to regulate the electrical function of my heart. With that came the warning no magnetic or electro-magnetic functions could he used on me. So I went back to the dreaded tweezers. For so many years I suffered with this.

Four years ago my husband died unexpectedly. Now I had so much time on my hands and I looked into Laser treatments. I was told that was the only answer and that electrolysis could not be used on me. I wanted permanent removal and they could not guarantee that. In desperation I looked in the phone book again and there was my answer, Donna D. Risos, permanent hair removal. What a blessing she became to me. I was given a lecture of what she would do and that her teacher had a pacemaker, which put my mind at ease. I actually thought, one treatment just to check it out and that would be it.... It wasnÕtÉ.along with my doctor who tests my pacemaker more often, I have - stayed. It is somewhat painful but the presence of this wonderful lady who is always up makes it a challenge. She is my reason for continuing; she is my reason to accept the uncomfortable for the gain that I see. She makes me comfortable. She has become a friend.

I maid my first visit to an electrologist 30 years ago to have unwanted facial hair removed. Although I never tweezed, cut or shaved my hairs and relied solely on electrolysis treatments, I never achieved permanent results. Over the years I have been to four different electrologists, and during the last 12 of those years I was scheduling appointments every four to six weeks. Needless to say, I was discouraged and resigned to frequent electrolysis visits for the rest of my life.

Over a year ago I met Donna, and during my initial visit she explained the growth stages of hair follicles and the Blend method of electrolysis that she utilized as opposed to other procedures. I was impressed with her knowledge and dedication, as well as the comfortable, modern and hygienic facilities she provided for her clients. Nevertheless, given my history, I was skeptical that her technique would provide successful results. Well, after my third treatment, that skepticism turned to hope as I saw the positive achievements.

Today, only 14 treatments later, my facial hairs are gone and have not returned during the last six months, and it has been so liberating! Even If I should ever need an occasional "maintenance" visit in the future, it will still be so worthwhile after all those years of temporary and ineffective results.

Thank you Donna. You are my hero and a true asset to your profession!

-- Female

After trying laser treatment which wasn't very successful in permanently removing my facial hair on my chin and upper lip, I also tried thermolysis treatment with another electrologist in the area and that didn't go so well either. I started researching on the web about the blend treatment and was struggling to find someone in the area who was comfortable and capable using it.

I was so happy to find someone like Donna who specializes in the blend treatment. She took the time in our consultation to inform me of the whole process and what to expect. My first visit went extremely well. Her office is very relaxing and serene so that you feel as though you're going to a spa for treatment. She sets the mood with relaxing music and aromatherapy. She changed an embarrassing situation for me. I used to never leave the house without makeup on my face because I was afraid someone would see the hair- even at the beach. I feel very comfortable getting the treatments done with Donna and highly recommend her to anyone.

-- Female, Age 39

I made my decision to start electrolysis a little over a year ago, and when I visited Donnas' office, I immediately knew I was going to have a good experience. The relaxed ambience of her waiting room alone were enough to leave me with a lasting impression and once I met Donna, and was given a free consultation which included an extensive and very knowledgeable explanation of her services and the growing process of the human hair, along with the process for removing the same. I was very impressed.

The overall relaxing mood of her working area, accented by soft background music, and the cleanliness also left me with a continuing desire to come back time after time...

But the ultimate reason why I found her services so gratifying, was simply this... Her genuine caring mannerism.... which for me solidified my positive experience at her facility. I recommend her services to all who seek a professional caring individual to be in charge of their permanent hair removal.

-- Male in transition, Age 54

When your eyebrows turn into two big bushes and you are growing hair out of your ears its time to see Donna Risos. I tried electrolysis before moving to this area. IÕm glad I found Donna at Jersey Shore Electrolysis Ð she is meticulous. She did such a tremendous job on my ears I do not have to hide them with long hair anymore. I may even try for a job as a Chippendale dancer. You never know.

-- Male, Age 75

Electrolysis is a process. For those with perseverance and patience, the results are lasting. Donna at Jersey Shore Electrolysis makes the process enjoyable and comfortable. Her professionalism and great skill have literally helped to transform the way I look.

-- Male, Age 39

Without a doubt, I am more than satisfied with my experience at Jersey Shore Electrolysis operated by Donna Risos. Donna Is not only very professional but also makes you feel very much at ease. I find the treatments less uncomfortable and the results more permanent than with any other electrologist.

I'm definitely happy with the results that I have now. The method Donna uses is called the 'Blend" which combines both alternating current and direct current. Donna also wears fiber-optic telescopic glasses that make the insertion of the probe into the hair follicle very accurate.

Once the treatment is over, I only have redness for no more than an hour. With the treatments I had by other electrologists using just the alternating current, I would have skin eruptions and scabbing wherever I was treated because my skins so sensitive. This made me very sell conscious because it lasted for a few weeks.

Having gone to school many years ago to learn about electrolysis, gives me somewhat of a better understanding of the different types of treatments that are now available. The treatment Donna uses called the "Blend" offers the best of both methods with very positive results. I would definitely recommend Donna Risos at Jersey Shore Electrolysis. If you've ever had an electrolysis treatment before, try Donna and see the difference!

-- Female, Age 65

Knowing nothing about web site designs, their construction and their maintenance can be a very scary place for a non-tech savvy individual as myself. Paul repeatedly and consistently provided guidance, explanation and support to a new business trepidatiously navigating the advertising arena.

There are many people promising many things and not delivering, Paul delivers not only in format and maintenance but in advice as to how you appear to the public and if you are representing yourself correctly. Thank you Paul for your suggestions, instruction and guidance. Could not have done it without you.


First I want to say how wonderful Donna is
Her office is very private, allowing only one client at a time into her office so you aren't waiting with a bunch of people. She is very informative and lets you know how and why she is doing what she does and makes you feel so comfortable with her. Her office and instruments are extremely clean. She is very thorough and makes sure she leaves no hair behind! She manages the pain level by making sure you are always comfortable and walking you through what she is doing.

Donna is fantastic! I would not go anywhere else because I want it done right!
-- Female, Age 38

My name is Donna and I have been going to Jersey Shore Electrolysis for approximately 5 months. I have always struggled with some facial hair that bothered me so much it stopped me from enjoying things in life. Like someone who really wants a face lift or gastric bypass this was my passion. Donna Risos has really made a huge difference in my life because of the technique she uses for permanent hair removal called "The Blend". The difference between the Blend and regular electrolysis or lazar hair removal is that IT REALLY WORKS!! This was the best thing in my life I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone thinking about doing this. She is professional and always on time with your appointment. She explains ANYTHING you want to know and there is a full 1 hour FREE consultation before you begin that is so informative.


I called Donna one year ago after seeing her ad in a flyer and scheduled a consultation. Right away Donna made me feel comfortable and hopeful that my problem hair would be gone forever. Donna spent time educating me about the cycle of hair growth and explained my treatment plan. I was tired of my daily routine of plucking unwanted hair. I had redness, in-grown hairs, and scarring as a result of years of tweezing.

Donna is such a wonderful person. She is a very compassionate individual and she is extremely dedicated to her clients. I don't think I've met a more dedicated, hard working individual. She truly cares about her clients and spends the time to educate you about the process and make you feel comfortable during a session.
Today, I am happy to say that my skin is so much smoother, clear and hair free! Thank you Donna for your dedication, knowledge, and compassion!

You truly are the best!

My experience with Jersey Shore Electrolysis has been an extremely pleasurable one. From the initial consult to the weekly treatments I have been treated with respect and made to feel relaxed and comfortable. The results have given me a confidence I haven't had in a long time. I would highly recommend Jersey Shore Electrolysis to anyone ready to take the time and make the commitment, I'm sure your experience would be a positive one.


My experience began with occasional tweezing. they it was followed by waxing which was very irritating to my skin. After several years of this I decided that there had to be a better way. I began electrolysis and after quite some time and several electrologists later, was getting dismayed at the lack of permanent results. Shortly after I moved I found Donna Risos at Jersey Shore Electrolysis. I felt at the time that I knew what was necessary about this topic. I was incorrect. Her educational consultation was informative and eye opening. The technique she employs did and does what prior clinicians could not. It gets permanent results in a timely manner. Her technique of the blend has afforded me permanent hair removal on the brows and face. I am thrilled with the results and can tell you first hand that she is markedly DIFFERENT AND FAR MORE EFFECTIVE, than the 3-4 other electrologists that I utilized in the past. Allow yourself you be informed on a greater level and to experience expeditious results in a charming and hygienic setting. I can assure you it is worth it.


After my last waxing appointment had removed skin from both my upper eyelid and upper lip leaving scabs the size of a dime. I knew something had to change. Referred by a friend, 1 walked into Jersey Shore Electrolysis not knowing what to expect. The consultation with Donna was all I needed to commit to the treatment. She explained the process of hair growth, the advantages to the blend method of permanent hair removal as opposed to hair reducing laser, assessed my face for damage due to waxing, and answered any questions I had which put my mind at ease.

The discolorations from the scabs have since healed and I am happy to say that I never have to resort to waxing again. I not only have greater self-confidence, but I don't need makeup to cover up my scars or hair growth anymore. I couldn't be happier with the results

I couldn't be more satisfied with the professionalism that Donna exudes, or the pristinely clean facility she maintains; not to mention the fantastic results from electrolysis! Donna reflects a tremendous amount of respect for her field of practice and she also demonstrates true care and concern for each and every one of her clients by treating everyone like family. Donna is truly the best!


I Struggled for awhile in deciding between laser hair removal and electrolysis, of course I wanted a quick fix, but I also wanted it to be permanent. Which lead me to choose electrolysis. After realizing that all it would take is patience and dedication. I have been able to reduce my ingrown hairs and constant razor burn under my arms It was difficult at first, but once I began seeing progress I felt so excited to know that I will eventually no longer have to deal with those nasty I growns!

I highly recommend Jersey Shore Electrolysis to anyone having the same problem.


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