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Donna D. Risos, L.E. ,CPE
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"Permanent Hair Removal
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After Treatment Care

Depending on your skin type and the coarseness and density of your hair you may display slight redness and swelling temporarily after treatment. This should subside within an hour. Occasionally following treatment tiny scabs and/ or whiteheads (milia) may occur. It is advisable not to remove them as this is part of the normal healing process. The follicle heals from the bottom up and takes 48 hours to complete healing. It's very important that post treatment procedures are followed.

Avoid touching the treated area.

Gently cleanse the treated area morning and night with mild soap or cleanser.

Use organic tea tree oil or polysporin to keep the area bacteria free and moist
Do not rub or pick at the treated area. this can result in infection and possible scarring.
Do not apply cosmetics for 48 hours; in exceptional situations use new, fresh, oil free make-up

Avoid pools, saunas, hot tubs and sun exposure, both natural and artificial for 48 hours pre and post treatment

Wear an SPF 30 sun block

And Remember: Between appointments, cut or shave the hair and allow enough growth to facilitate treatment.

Do not tweeze, wax or bleach hair. Also, advise us of any change in your medical history.

*By following the above instructions you will observe the best results, please call us if you have any questions.

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